During COVID-19, when many services were paused to provide additional capacity in the response to the pandemic, people with learning disabilities experienced poorer outcomes than the general population for both mental and physical health.

We are using Q funding to deliver a project  supporting GPs to restart and enhance essential annual health checks using a blended approach of digital training and innovative social models from Sussex and Surrey ICSs who between them are recognised nationally as exemplars.

Q funding

The work is funded by £30,000 from the Q Exchange to build on the learning disability needs articulation work started in December 2019. One of the key themes identified at the launch meeting (in 2019) was an ask for reasonable adjustments to become more mainstream to help people access care.

Project aims

The primary aim for the project is to build collaborative relationships across health, social and third sector partners (including Post19, using their My Social Time model and Active Prospects) to improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities, by ensuring reasonable adjustments underpin the annual health checks process, as well changing how people access parts of the health check depending on individual needs.

New pathways

To ensure we continue to meet identified needs, new pathways will be co-produced with everyone who is involved in health checks including service users, working in partnership with the Surrey People’s Group, Sussex’s Learning Disability Programme Board and the KSS Learning Disability Community of Practice.

The successful My Social Time model, currently a virtual social engagement forum for young adults to provide peer to peer support, emotional health and wellbeing, will be expanded to include adults with learning disabilities. The model will be further strengthened by including SEN co-ordinators, Learning Disability Liaison Nurses and GP champions to deliver bespoke sessions to underpin the annual health check process.

To find out more

Please contact:

George Anibaba, Senior Programme Manager, KSS AHSN or Catherine Young, Project Co-ordinator, KSS AHSN