It is the desire of Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex to broaden diversity within our workforce.

We are an equal opportunities employer and ensures that all new, existing and prospective employees are treated fairly through the principles of equal treatment and promotion of diversity.

This includes:

  • ensuring that all individuals who come into contact with Health Innovation KSS, whether as employees,   stakeholders or in any other capacity, are treated with dignity and respect;
  • ensuring that the opportunities Health Innovation KSS provides for learning, personal development and employment are made available on a non-discriminatory basis; and
  • providing a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for employees, stakeholders, visitors and others.

Along with all 15 AHSNs in the AHSN Network, we are committed to a series of pledges to further support the diversity and innovation agenda.

Women’s health strategy 2023-2025


As part of our ongoing work to improve equality and diversity, we have recently launched our women’s health strategy 2023-2025. This strategy sets out our organisation’s commitment to improving the health of women everywhere.

As previous research has well documented, women are often not receiving the same level of care, investigation or treatment for common and important diseases when compared to men. This is something that must change. Our mission in the space of women’s health is to reduce health inequalities for women, by ensuring that all women have access to the best quality health and care.

“I am excited to announce our women’s health strategy. This strategy will enable us to support gender equity and improve health outcomes for women. Our aim is to drive structural change in research and innovation to address gender bias and discrimination in health. We want to promote women innovators and develop new solutions with women that address the gender health gap.”

Dr MaryAnn Ferreux

Medical Director , Health Innovation KSS

To help us to deliver on this strategy, we have outlined five priority areas for our organisation including:

  1. Gender equity in health policy and commissioning
  2. Women’s health innovation
  3. Health inequalities and women
  4. Gender inequality at work
  5. Business development

Please contact us for more information.

Download our women's health strategy