Hexitime is an innovative national improvement timebank for the health and social care system. It allows staff from any organisation contributing to health and social care across the UK to share improvement ideas.

It’s free to join and members can then exchange their skills and experience to deliver care and service improvements. Members do not exchange money, but instead earn credits which they can use for further improvement activity.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex is an early adopter of Hexitime, supporting its growth and use across the region. This partnership enables the regional health and social care system to use Hexitime to encourage more people to take part in improvement work. It also provides the opportunity for colleagues across KSS and beyond to collaborate around the issues that matter to them.

Health Innovation KSS has been instrumental in building the regional partnership with Hexitime, bringing the additional opportunity to help steer the development of the platform for the benefit of organisations and systems, both regionally and across the UK.

Find out more at https://hexitime.com/