‘COVID Oximetry @home’ (CO@h) describes an enhanced package of care for individuals with confirmed (or suspected) COVID-19 who are at risk for future deterioration.

NHS England and Improvement has provided guidance for all CCGs and NHS Trusts, explaining who can use it and how it should be used, in this standard operating procedure (SOP).

The ‘CO@h’ package of care involves the remote monitoring of the individual’s condition through providing regular contact with a local health care team who will reassess the individual’s symptoms (including oxygen saturation levels). This close monitoring enables the individual to remain at their usual place of residence whilst allowing early signs of deterioration to be identified and escalated quickly and appropriately.

A toolkit with a full set of resources to support the CO@h model is available here.

COVID Oximetry @home is mostly delivered by primary care. If you are looking for the secondary care pathway, please go here.

For further information and support

Please contact Jo Wookey, Senior Programme Manager in the Patient Safety Team at KSS AHSN. Email jowookey@nhs.net