We’re recruiting a fourth Non-Executive Director to join our board. Anna Van der Gaag is one of our existing NEDS and, in this blog, outlines the role and explains why she joined our board.

When the Academic Health Science Network was established by NHS England in 2013, its purpose was to foster stronger links between health care, research and industry, to be an effective network of people and organisations across England.

Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN (KSS AHSN) has made a tangible difference across its operating region and beyond.

As someone with a clinical background, together with university teaching and research and regulatory experience, KSS AHSN’s work quickly caught my attention.

When I looked a little deeper, the purpose behind this made even more sense to me – KSS AHSN is here to help spread innovation and best practice, at pace and scale, to achieve consistently high quality care.

Over the last six years, KSS AHSN has really gone from strength to strength as an organisation – keeping its eye on the goal of improvement through innovation but being prepared to change and adapt.

Our unitary Board of Directors is made up of people with different backgrounds and experience who trust each other, are not afraid to challenge each other, and have a shared purpose – to bring about transformation through innovation.

I feel proud to have been part of this and have learned a huge amount from my colleagues at KSS AHSN.

I’m looking forward to welcoming a new Non-Executive Director to join us in January. These are challenging times, but no better time than now to think and act differently to deliver faster, better solutions for more people.

  • The Non-Executive Director post is a  remunerated role with a time commitment of approximately two days per month with a start date of 1 January 2021. The application deadline is Sunday November 8. Find out more