KSS AHSN has completed an in-depth evaluation to assess the impact of Pando – a clinical communications platform that offers a variety of features built for health and social care.

Created by NHS doctors, Pando helps NHS workers exchange patient information, make clinical decisions and manage their workload – making collaboration easy, fast and secure.

Its partnership with The AHSN Network has contributed significantly to investment leveraged and commercial progress. Pando has been able to create 20 jobs as a result of its growth and attracted £11million of investment.

Commenting on the evaluation, Dr Barney Gilbert, Founder of Pando, said:

“The evaluation work conducted by KSS AHSN was really impressive – professional, agile and thoughtful from start to finish.”

KSS AHSN’s report showed that an acute Trust adopting Pando could save just under £1m (£922k) from in-year cash and non-cash savings, rising to £44 million should the application be rolled out across all acute Trusts nationally.

On a broader timeframe, this results in a 5-year net present value savings of £6.9M at a trust-level and £340M nationally, should it be fully rolled out.

The vast majority of savings are attributed to time savings for the workforce (non-cash savings).

KSS AHSN continues working with Pando to support further adoption and spread. While the initial focus was clinical staff in acute settings, Pando is also looking towards allied healthcare professionals as well as administrative staff. The community care setting and primary care setting are also two areas to be explored.

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