New leaflets in Hindi and Nepali have been published with vital information about COVID-19. The format and contents of the leaflets have been co-produced by community members, researchers and health professionals.

They cover topics such as:
– What is COVID-19?
– What are the main symptoms?
– How does it spread?
– Protective and preventative measures
– Self-isolation (i.e. when to self-isolate; how to self-isolate)
– Treatment at home
– Contacting health services, and
– Testing.

They also signpost additional NHS guidance.

Introducing the leaflets, Becky Sharp, Implementation Lead for ARC KSS based at KSS AHSN, said:
“These leaflets are a very welcome addition to the resources available to these communities. The disproportionate effects of COVID on BAME communities means that we need to do all we can to increase the support available. The leaflets help to make key information much more easily accessible and will help to reduce risk among vulnerable communities.”

The leaflets were created as part of a project undertaken by researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School over the summer and autumn of 2020.

The research was commissioned by Applied Research Collaboration KSS as one of a number of short-term projects which aimed to produce findings and outputs that would be implementable as part of the COVID-19 response.


Hindi Leaflet (January 2021)

Nepali Leaflet (January 2021)

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