Health Innovation KSS (formerly KSS AHSN) is happy to announce a new mini-series in collaboration with The Medical Women Podcast, featuring discussions with experts on important topics in women’s health.

The Medical Women’s Federation (MWF) is the largest body of women doctors in the UK and it was formed to support women doctors and improve equity in medicine and tackle health inequalities. In February 2022, to mark the MWF’s 105th Birthday, Vice President Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram launched The Medical Women Podcast, the world’s first podcast aimed at supporting and empowering medical women in their careers. Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram, is a paediatric registrar in the North West who is passionate about empowering and educating children and families to be healthy.  Now in its fourth season, the podcast has had almost 10k downloads.

Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex’s Women’s Health Strategy 2023-2025 established the organisation’s vision to reduce health inequalities for women, by ensuring all women have access to the best quality health and care. We believe that by deeply listening to and collaborating with healthcare professionals, policymakers, industry, academia and women themselves, we can co-create a healthcare system that is responsive to the needs of all women, regardless of their background.

Our Strategy is aligned with the Women’s Health Strategy for England, which has a 10-year ambition to boost health outcomes for all women and girls and radically improve the way in which the health and care system engages and listens to all women and girls.

The two organisation’s aims align closely and so a partnership was formed to host a mini-series of discussions with experts on women’s health.

Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram, said: “It’s really important that as healthcare professionals, we look after ourselves. We cannot pour from an empty cup. But we don’t openly speak about fertility issues or menopause. I wanted these podcasts to be a place where we have the conversations that people don’t usually have. It’s great to partner with Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex whose Women’s Health Strategy aligns so closely with my vision for the podcast and with the values and aims of the Medical Women’s Federation.”

Dr MaryAnn Ferreux, Medical Director at Health Innovation KSS said: “At Health Innovation KSS, we have an important role to play in building the capability of our clinical workforce to better understand and support women’s health. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with The Medical Women Podcast to produce content which does exactly that. The first podcast for example is aimed at increasing the awareness of both individuals and organisations on menstrual health and fertility, looking at this topic through the lens of nutrition and lifestyle behaviours.”

The mini-series will include the following episodes:

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts, including Spotify and Apple.