The AHSN Network has published its latest monthly newsletter.

In his introduction, Gary Ford (Chair of the AHSN Network) highlights the release of the Network’s 2020-2021 Impact Report:

“During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the most challenging time in the health and care system’s history, AHSNs realigned resources and refocused our existing work to support the national and regional response. We adapted and channelled our efforts to support the system where needed, and used our model of operating as a locally connected, co-ordinated national network to add value at pace and scale during this time.”

As well as the pandemic response, the newsletter also features:

  • how innovation can support the NHS net zero target
  • the COVID effect on pulmonary rehab
  • a chance to catch up on content from the virtual NHS Confed conference, and
  • support for companies to bring healthcare innovation into the international market.

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