As KSS PSC launches its free training for RESTORE2 – a physical deterioration and escalation tool for care/nursing homes – we caught up with Fugen Fleming, Registered Manager at The Chase, and Manori Jayathilake Deputy Care Home Manager at Littlebourne House, to hear more about how the initiative works in practice.

What benefits have you seen for your patients since you started to use RESTORE2?

Manori Jayathilake:   I think it’s really sped up the outcomes for our residents. Once we’re through to the GP practice we’ve got the information that they need to hand. Since there are guidelines on how often to repeat observations, staff feel confident to monitor residents until GP examination. By using the Docobo app and the Doc@Home digital systems, it means that the information goes directly to the GP which eliminates any errors in verbal communication between Care Home and the GP Practice.

As an example of how much that’s helped, we recently had a resident that deteriorated throughout the day. We started steroids and antibiotics which have been prescribed and ready to be used if required as the resident has COPD. But it was late in the afternoon, just after 5pm, the resident became unwell and NEWS2 was out of range and we thought more input was needed.  

We raised a mini RESTORE2 and within 10 to 15 minutes the GP had phoned, and before the end of day we had extra antibiotics and increased the steroids. That’s how quickly you can get a response. Normally at that time of the evening, while we may have had a telephone consultation, we might not have been able to get the medication as quickly as that.  

And what about benefits for the care home itself?

Fugen Fleming: As a manager, it’s giving me more confidence knowing that my staff are empowered. I know I’ve got staff in place who are thinking more, reacting better, and that they can escalate situations rather than having to come to me every five minutes if they’re not sure when someone is unwell.

RESTORE 2 provides those clear guidelines and safe options to ensure that people are getting the attention that they need. From that respect it’s a big benefit for the home – it’s reassuring to know that our practices are good and that the people who live here are going to get the attention they need far more rapidly than if we just relied on soft skills. It also gives you a good level of how to communicate with professionals and how to be taken seriously.

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