Celebrating three quarters of a century of care

Today is the 75th anniversary of the NHS, marking a significant milestone in healthcare history. As the NHS continues to evolve and grapple with considerable challenges, innovation will play a crucial and growing role in shaping its future. In recent years we have witnessed remarkable advances in pioneering treatments, digital transformation, the introduction of diagnostics powered by artificial intelligence, personalised medicine and data-driven decision making.

At KSS AHSN – together with the wider AHSN network – we will continue to work with partners to meet the needs of patients and reduce the inequalities in access and outcome to ensure a healthier future for all citizens across our region. We will also continue to boost economic growth in the most sustainable way possible.

The AHSN network has helped to identify, adopt and spread promising innovations for 10 years, bringing together the life science industry, universities and the NHS.

Since 2018 our national initiatives have benefited more than 2.3 million patients, and our support to innovators has helped contribute more than £1.8bn to the economy, created or safeguarded more than 6,600 jobs, and delivered a return on investment of almost £3 for every pound spent.

Our work covers a very wide range of national programmes, regional projects, and work with the Kent Surrey Sussex Applied Research Collaboration, including patient safety, respiratory illness, dementia and mental health.

We will soon be publishing our annual review, which looks back at our work during 2022-23, and looks forward with a new strategy for the years ahead. We look forward to rising to the challenges faced by the NHS and social care with the three Integrated Care Systems in our region, and all other partners.  

You can find out more about how the AHSNs’ national programmes have benefitted patients by reading our network impact report.