At Health Innovation KSS we are committed to align to the NHS’s net zero targets. These measures not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but also demonstrate a commitment to corporate responsibility, cost-savings and long-term viability.

We aim to meet the NHS net zero emissions targets:

  • those we control directly by 2040
  • those we can only influence by 2045

Our new carbon reduction plan outlines our current emissions and how we plan to reach net zero, through developing a coordinated approach that focuses on leadership, our operations and our supply chain.

Amelia James, Environmental Sustainability Lead, said: “Climate change is the defining issue of our century. Its far-reaching impacts touch every aspect of human existence, including health care. Across the globe, health care services are facing the challenge of adapting to these shifting conditions and identifying a pathway to net zero emissions. At Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex, we are committed to achieving net zero emissions in line with the NHS’s net zero targets and therefore have created our own carbon reduction plan to measure and reduce our emissions.”

Nuala Foley, Associate Director for Commercial and Enterprise, said: “We at Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex are supporting and guiding our stakeholders on their net zero approaches, and to lead by example have developed our own carbon reduction plan to show our organisation wide commitment to this key topic. It is our responsibility to not only talk about what we should do, but to lead on it and take action to make the changes we need to make for a better society for all. We acknowledge the connection between health and the environment and as leaders in the health space are committed to playing our part to reducing our carbon footprint.”

Download the Carbon Reduction Plan here.