New timebank boosts skills sharing in Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Staff at health and social care organisations across Kent, Surrey and Sussex are invited to join Hexitime, a new skills sharing timebank.

Hexitime is an award winning and innovative national improvement time bank for the health and social care system.

It allows staff – and their patients – from any organisation contributing to health and social care to share improvement ideas and exchange their skills and experience to progress them to deliver service improvements.

In doing so members do not exchange money, but instead earn credits which they can use for further improvement activity. Every time Hexitime members give an hour, they gain a credit to get one back.


A partnership between organisations in Kent, Surrey and Sussex means the regional health and social care system can use Hexitime to enable mass active participation around improvement.

The partnership will see organisations from KSS using Hexitime on campaigns that will connect people across the region to work together and tackle major challenges.

John Lodge, Co-Founder of Hexitime and Head of Quality Improvement – London Region, NHS England and NHS Improvement, said:

“Hexitime empowers staff to find the experts they need and offer their own expertise in return.

“We know transformation is a huge challenge and will only happen if people mobilise to deliver the changes we need – Hexitime gives them a simple and powerful way to do this.”

To find out more or register with Hexitime, simply go to and follow @Hexitime on Twitter for all the latest news and developments