NHS England and NHS Improvement is working with Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) and local areas to support the continued set-up of ‘COVID Oximetry @home’ services (also known as ‘COVID virtual wards’).

COVID virtual ward models use pulse oximeters to safely monitor and support patients at home, providing an opportunity to detect a decline in the patient’s condition that might require hospital review and admission. Early experiences of implementing this approach have been linked to reduced mortality, hospital length of stay, and the number of patients requiring intensive care admission and ventilation.

This approach is already used in many areas to help detect earlier deterioration of people with COVID-19, both in the community and in care homes.

Webinar for CCGs

To find out more about the support available, CCG colleagues are invited to attend one of two national webinars.

Attendance is limited to 1-2 people per CCG and a recording will be made available for those unable to attend:

Key resources

On behalf of KSS AHSN, Oxford AHSN and Wessex AHSN, a comprehensive set of materials to help implement an enhanced package of care for individuals who are at risk for future deterioration, with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 using oximetry is available from the Wessex AHSN website.

For more information about the support available to set up local Oximetry @home services, join the FutureNHS platform

For more information about the COVID Oximetry @home work in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, please contact Ursula Clarke: Ursula.Clarke@nhs.net