We’re at the Healthcare Excellence Through Technology show today (October 1), and it’s been great to see so much interest in all of the innovators that are part of the AHSN Network’s Innovation Exchange. 

One of these is Edge Health, who are showcasing their range of products including Space Finder, which is designed to improve hospital operating theatre productivity. 

KSS AHSN’s data and evaluation team has been working with Edge Health on this project, developing a budget impact model based on the pilot study and various literature research. 

Initial findings have suggested that using the technology could increase utilisation of operating theatres by up to 7.1%, improving efficiency and throughput of surgery.  

It could also shift more surgery from weekend working, back into core hours to potentially produce savings for Trusts. The Budget impact model created can help predict the financial impact of implementing Space Finder and the viability of spreading such technology across the wider healthcare industry.   

Through Space Finder, Edge aims to increase throughput in core hours. It does this by providing visibility of where the space exists on future lists, so that additional cases can be booked. At the same time, it considers of local constraints or rules that impact list planning, so fewer operations need to be rearranged or cancelled due to a lack of equipment.